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Director of Operations - Bonded Warehouse, Dallas

at Albion Staffing

Pay: from $145,976/year
Posted: 12/17/2018
Job Status: Full Time

Job Description

About Albion Staffing Solutions:
Albion has been offering Temp; Contract and Direct Hire Staffing Services for 20-years from offices located throughout South Florida.  Offering General Admin/Clerical and Light Industrial staffing services, Albion also specializes in the Logistics, Allied Healthcare and Banking industries.

About this Position:
Albion Staffing Solutions is in need of a Director of Operations – Bonded Warehouse, Dallas. Responsible for managing, directing and controlling the daily operation of bonded warehouse facilities within the United States including CFS Warehouses, Customs Bonded Warehouses, and FTZ Warehouses.  Includes creating and deploying a bonded warehouse operations support organization that is focused on the client’s needs and challenges and delivers results that meet or exceed client expectations resulting in new and/or expanded business by client, market, or area.  Includes regulatory compliance requirements for inbond merchandise and warehouse operations as outlined in 19 CFR 18, 19, 127, 144, and 146.

Principal Accountabilities (The following is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed.  It is not an exhaustive list of all expectations.):

Responsible for managing and troubleshooting import product based as well as U.S. Customs systems (ABI & AMS) that permit the company to interface directly with U.S. Customs to effect timely import, clearance and movement of import freight in full compliance with U.S. Customs regulations. Accountable for providing field training, support, pilot program participation with U.S. Customs, sales presentations of system capabilities, and customer support.

  • Develops and maintains corporate policies and procedures for CFS, Air AMS, inbond shipments, G.O. reporting, customs bonded warehouses, and FTZ warehouse operations.
  • Support air breakbulk and CFS warehouses with Air AMS troubleshooting with airlines and brokers.
  • Ensure employee listings for bonded warehouses are filed timely with government agencies.
  • Maintains receiving, warehousing, and distribution processes by initiating, coordinating, and enforcing program, operational, and compliance regulations and internal procedures.
  • Complies with federal, state, and local warehousing, material handling, and shipping requirements by studying existing and new legislation; enforcing adherence to requirements; advising management on needed actions.
  • Assist in selection and training of bonded warehouse operations staff.
  • Establish accountabilities and processes to ensure required levels of productivity and organizational objectives.
  • Safeguards warehouse operations and contents by establishing and monitoring security procedures and protocols.
  • Maintains physical condition of warehouse by planning and implementing new design layouts based on expansion and retraction needs to manage volumes.
  • Works with branch management to perform internal audits of CFS, FTZ, and bonded warehouse compliance.
  • Monitors life cycle of inventory in bonded facilities to control GO processes and inbond closures.
  • Coordinate and monitor the proper release of goods from breakbulk, brokerage, and 3rd parties. 
  • Coordinate onsite government agency examinations.
  • Coordinate and work closely with all products and branches on daily activities.

The individual in this position must be capable of performing all of the essential functions with or without a reasonable accommodation.

Working Environment: Assignment Complexity  

  • Assignment Complexity  - Work on abstract problems across functional areas of the business. Identify and evaluate fundamental problems for major functional areas through assessment of intangible variables.
  • Accountability – Direct and control the activities of one or more functional areas, divisions, products or service groups through manager with overall responsibility for the direction of those assigned areas. Has overall responsibility for planning and implementing budget.
  • Impact of Decisions – Erroneous decisions will have a long-term effect on the company’s success.
  • Working Relationships – Interact internally and externally with executive level management requiring negotiation of extremely difficult matters to influence policy-making bodies both internally and externally.
  • Scope – Develop corporate and/or organizational policies and authorize the implementation of these policies. Provide general direction to and review of managers in various functional areas, groups, and/or operations.

Essential Functions:

Must be able to pass any federal/state/local government, airport, or company-required background checks, clearances, and/or drug and alcohol tests.  Travel required.

Knowledge and Skills (The following minimum requirements are normal guidelines and should not constrain the advancement of otherwise qualified personnel):
This is a director level position. Exceptional interpersonal, analytical, problem-solving, communication, leadership, and strategic skills required. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent required. Generally prefer 6 years of operations and related management experience.

Core Competencies:

Customer Focus:

Develops and maintains mutually respectful and trusting relationships with internal and external customers and concentrates on always meeting or exceeding their expectations.  Uses customer information and feedback to continuously evolve and improve products and services.  Always acts, plans and executes with the customer needs in the forefront.


Conduct self in an honest and truthful way. Is consistent in words and actions and emulates congruency of such.  Maintains confidences; acknowledges and  learns from mistakes without blaming others. Puts others and the organization ahead of personal gain.

Effective Communication:

Is able to communicate clearly written and oral, able to adapt to a variety of settings and venues.  Can communicate in a way that messages are decoded completely and accurately.

Teamwork and Collaboration:

Is able to collaborate effectively to solve problems and achieve goals. Creates an open and transparent environment to obtain the best results by sharing knowledge and information.


Holds self and others accountable for all work actions and results; follows through on commitments; implements decisions that have been agreed upon.

Problem Solving:

Understands and applies precise methodologies to problem solving through effective data collection and analysis.  Is open to and creative in sourcing data and information and digs deep into analysis, looking past the obvious answer.  Provides accurate and effective solutions.

Planning, Organizing and Prioritizing:

Accomplishes work by assigning resources effectively and efficiently and using tools that permit for the required time and effort to undertake multiple activities and achieve multiple priorities. Able to anticipate the scope and complexity of situations. Is prepared and expects barriers, challenges, uncontrollable variables and adjust plans accordingly, measuring results.

Critical Thinking:

Thinks open-mindedly and critical by being analytic, evaluative and engaged in a creative process. Solves problems by judging based on facts and data.

Motivating Others:

A supportive and collaborative leader and colleague who assesses individual's motivations to push them to achieve and contribute at their peak performance level.  Provides information and empowers others, providing recognition and guidance at all levels, sharing ownership of results.  People feel energized and engaged when working with or for this person.

Managerial Courage:

Knows how to communicate directly and completely effectively,  delivering constructive feedback or contributing ideas or suggestions, even in conflict or disagreement.  Embraces tough situations and decisions as a reflection of his role and contribution as a manager.  Capable of making decisions that are best for the business or the team, but which may impact others negatively.

Workplace Location:

Applicants will work in the customer's facilities in Dallas, TX

Candidate Advice:

  • Albion uses E-Vertify to verify employment eligibility.   
  • Pre-Employment and random Drug and Background testing applicable.
  • Only Local Candidates will be considered; no relocation provided.
  • A clean background needed for employment in Freight Forwarding locations as TSA/STA Certification will be needed.
  • Reliable Transportation to/from the workplace is necessary.

Applying for this position:
Please apply via the Link displayed or directly into Albion's Talent Community at: